Project Playground

Date 04/23/2018
Teacher Trowell, Sarah
School Chocachatti Elementary
Grade All Grades
Subject Physical Education

Currently, at Chocachatti, we have amazing things going on that ensure brains are growing and healthy eating is learned and practiced, but physical exercise is an area that the school would like to improve on for our students, because they deserve it.

We have NO playground at all for our 1-5 students, and the small one we have for kindergarten is old and doesn't accommodate all of the kindergarten students.


With the new law that requires 150 minutes of physical activity a week, it is imperative that we provide our students with equipment for them to climb, play on, and enjoy.

Our school is not a title 1 school, which means all of the teaching tools, computers and projectors, equipment, etc. are purchased solely through yearly fundraisers. The money earned is not enough to support the purchase of a large playground structure.


Physical Education in elementary schools help to improve physical fitness, skill and motor skill development, provide regular, healthful physical activity & also influences moral development, leadership, and cooperating with other students by helping them to be social and make new friends outside of the classroom.


Title Amount
Project Playground $150,000.00
Total $150,000.00

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$53,202.03 / $150,000.00

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