2017-2018 Grants

Programs and Projects Grants:
Program and Projecuests must fit within the School Board’s Strategic Plan, follow Standards or fit within your School’s Improvement Plan.  The Program & Projects Grant can be submitted between June 2017 through December 31, 2017.  
Mini Classroom Grants:
Classroom Mini Grants are for those requests $2,000 or less (group project) or $500 or less individual project.  This grant can be used for projects and special programs that are not able to be funded through the school.  All grant requests must fit within the School Boards Strategic Plan, follow Common Core Standards or fit within your School’s Improvement Plan.  The Mini Classroom Grants can be submitted between June 2017 through December 31, 2018.
Special Funding Requests:
Special Needs Funding Requests are available to school board employees.  This request is available when the projects or items do not fit within the typical grant requests.  There is no minimum or maximum dollar amount for this request.  The Special Needs Funding Request may be applied for through February 2018.
Teachers have creative ideas to help their students engage in learning in their classrooms and beyond. During these hard economic times, they don't  have much funding to purchasing the supply's needed for these great ideas. Each year, the Foundation has Classroom Grants to provide teachers the financial resources they need to help with their creative ideas and engage their students to learn.

Grant Project of the Week

Congratulations on the One, Two, Three Read Project at JD Floyd K8 and to Kevin McManus and Rachelle Pinder for being selected as Grant Project of the Week!
The emphasis on this project is Literacy to include reading, writing, listening, viewing, speaking, language and literature.
This project engages all students, both high level and low level, which helps students gain an understanding as well as promotes collaborative group work situations for the physical work as well as the research sike of projects.  This project also beautifies the campus and studetns respect and take care of their campus because they have invested time and work into it.
Congratulations students, staff and JD Floyd K8 School!

2015-2016 Grant Applications

Good Neighbor Innovation School Grants