About Us

Founded in 1988, the Hernando County Education Foundation is a 501c3 Non-profit organization that provides Direct Support to our county’s public schools by seeking out financial support to meet the unfunded needs of public education in Hernando County. Our mission is Creating Partnerships that Advance Student Achievement and Promote Excellence within Hernando County Public Education. Our focus is on on student scholarships, classroom grants, literacy, and recognition programs. Recently we have begun to expand our focus to include STEM education, Career/Technical Education and Community Engagement work. Education Foundations provide a unique forum for business and community leaders to focus their time, resources and leadership on advancing student achievement in partnership with school system leaders through meaningful, “homegrown” initiatives that reflect the needs, goals and opportunities of their specific communities.


Creating partnerships that advance student achievement and promote excellence within Hernando County Public Education.

Our Goals:

  • Sensitize the community to the needs of local schools and students.
  • To encourage business and community involvement in the public educational system.
  • Encourage Excellence in learning.
  • To provide financial resources to support the Foundation's programs.
  • To challenge parents, business leaders and the extended community to become involved in, and be supportive of our local schools, their students and the Hernando County Education.