F.W. Springstead High School
3300 Mariner Blvd.
Spring Hill, FL 34609
Carmine Rufa

Springstead High School

Class Teacher Adopters  
- Bennett, Mary None
- Smith, Randy None
- Woop, Maria None
Cert. School Counsel.9-12 Richter, James None
ESE 9-12 Blehm, Karen None
ESE 9-12 Coronado, Ellender None
ESE 9-12 Etzel, Timothy None
ESE 9-12 Sells, Lee None
ESE 9-12 Temple, Vickie None
ESOL 9-12 Gauvin, Pam None
Fine Arts 9-12 Dasher, Richard None
Fine Arts 9-12 James, Maritza None
Fine Arts 9-12 Pennington, Mark None
Fine Arts 9-12 Stenstrom, Nicholas None
Guidance 9-12 Prokop, Jennifer None
Guidance 9-12 Reyes, Sarah None
ISS 9-12 Sexton, Sean None
Language Arts 9-12 Altimari, Denise None
Language Arts 9-12 Ashworth, Nicole None
Language Arts 9-12 Awtrey, Elisabeth None
Language Arts 9-12 Crowell, Melissa None
Language Arts 9-12 D'Arcy, Kelly None
Language Arts 9-12 Davey, Steven None
Language Arts 9-12 DiLorenzo, Kathleen None
Language Arts 9-12 Hernaiz, Victoria None
Language Arts 9-12 Mcleod, Mimi None
Language Arts 9-12 Nugent, Heather None
Language Arts 9-12 Urling, Nancy None
Language Arts 9-12 Varghese, Jessica None
Math 9-12 Alleyne, Lizann None
Math 9-12 Barile, Roseann None
Math 9-12 Bradley, Robert None
Math 9-12 Brady, Diane None
Math 9-12 DeBuque, Nancy None
Math 9-12 Doyle, Brandon None
Math 9-12 Ginart, Janet None
Math 9-12 Hafliger, Michael None
Math 9-12 Reese, Chandelle None
Math 9-12 Romero, Daniel None
Math 9-12 Sim, Lori None
Math 9-12 Vanlow, Regina None
P.E. 9-12 Mance, Kara None
PE 9-12 Garofano, Michael None
PE 9-12 Kupcik, Dustin None
PE 9-12 Swartout, Craig None
PE 9-12 Vitale, Frank None
Principal Rufa, Carmine None
ROTC 9-12 Sweetwine, Darryl None
Science 9-12 Auricchio, Chris None
Science 9-12 Clark, Jessica None
Science 9-12 Edwards, Erin None
Science 9-12 Garthe, Thomas None
Science 9-12 Kalament, Jennifer None
Science 9-12 Keable, Maria None
Science 9-12 Peitzman, David None
Science 9-12 Scott, Maryann None
Science 9-12 Sufficool, Vanessa None
Science 9-12 Vonada, Becky None
Science 9-12 Wagner, Maria None
Social Studies 9-12 Anderson, Vincent None
Social Studies 9-12 Bushell, Beverly None
Social Studies 9-12 Imhof, John None
Social Studies 9-12 Jenkins, Debra None
Social Studies 9-12 McNerney, Dennis None
Social Studies 9-12 Miranda, Suzanne None
Social Studies 9-12 Santoro, Autumn None
Social Studies 9-12 Selby, Victoria None
Social Studies 9-12 Sullivan, Shane None
Social Studies 9-12 Wilson, Robert None
Social Studies 9-12 Wright, Brandon None
Springstead High School Springstead, High School None
Vocational 9-12 Brancaccio, Vincent None
Vocational 9-12 Eisenberg, Paula None
Vocational 9-12 Feola, Marco None
Vocational 9-12 Kinsella-Gordon, Grace None
Vocational 9-12 Pierce, Elizabeth None
Vocational 9-12 Pusta, Rebecca None
Vocational 9-12 Wilkerson, Melissa None
World Language 9-12 Blackwell, Jennifer None
World Language 9-12 Cruz, Luz-Sarahi None
World Language 9-12 Espinosa, Rosanna None
World Language 9-12 Garcia, Maira None


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Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to our 2017-2018 Hernando County's Teacher of the Year, Traci Athanason, from Spring Hill Elementary School! Congratulations to our 2017-2018 Hernando County's Teacher of the Year, Traci Athanason, from Spring Hill Elementary School!