Challenger K-8
13400 Elgin Blvd.
Spring Hill, FL  34609
Lisa Piesik

Challenger K8

Class Teacher Adopters  
- Day, Katie None
- Jones, Karen None
- McCarthy, Michelle None
- Wilson, Carrie None
1-Elem Basic Brockhoff, Bonnie None
1-Elem Basic Fischer, Kate None
1-Elem Basic Holmes, Laura None
1-Elem Basic Hoogland, Denise None
1-Elem Basic Laing, Natalie None
2-Elem Basic Bell, Terrie
  • Coppedge Eyecare
2-Elem Basic Krienes, Rachael
  • Lane and Amy Anderson
2-Elem Basic Liberty, Megan None
2-Elem Basic Quinn, Tammy
  • Carina Coppedge
3-Elem Basic Calabro, Kathryn
  • Frank and Julie Proctor
  • Stan & Stacie Malyszko
3-Elem Basic Cullum, Olivia None
3-Elem Basic Fridy, Brooke None
3-Elem Basic Halstead, Stephanie None
3-Elem Basic Leggett, Stacey None
3-Elem Basic Spencer, Lisa None
4 Elem Basic Brooks, Debra None
4-Elem Basic Franz, Nicole None
4-Elem Basic Whitmill, Alecia None
5 Elem Basic Carleton, Cynthia None
5 Elem Basic Ellis, Amy None
5 Elem Basic Kimbrough, Kari None
5 Elem Basic Uzwiak, Sheryl None
5-Elem Basic Reiter, Melinda None
Art K-5 Paff, Kim
  • Michelle Webb
  • Michelle Webb
Assessment Drady, Margo None
Caroline Cornillow Cornillow, Caroline None
Cert. School Couns. K-5 Moore, Lauren None
Cert. School Couns. K-8 Mause, Beth None
Challenger K8 Challenger, K8 None
Computer Ed 6-8 Prescott, Mary None
ESE Defilippis, Amy None
ESE DeSesso, Phyllis None
ESE Mitchell, Donna None
Ese Inclusion Hayden, Julia None
Gifted 1st Gibson, Deborah
  • Michelle Webb
  • Michelle Webb
  • Michelle Webb
  • Michelle Webb
Gifted 3rd Hernandez, Angelina None
Gifted 3rd Istvan, Laine None
Gifted 5th Gembicki, Danielle None
Gifted 5th Jasztal, Victoria None
Gifted 5th Swiatek, Lauren None
Gifted Kindergarten Gomez, Lisa
  • Stan & Stacie Malyszko
  • Stan & Stacie Malyszko
Gifted Lang Arts Lopez, Linda
  • kimberly buckner
  • kimberly buckner
Gifted Math Longo, Deidre None
Gifted Math Manuel, Katherine
  • kimberly buckner
Gifted Pk-12 Carr, Rebecca
  • Kimberly buckner
Gifted Science Erb, Dawn None
Gifted Social Studies Shaeffer, Rosemarie None
Gifted Spanish Lewis, Betsy None
Heather Dancsak Dancsak, Heather None
Jessica Greenwald Greenwald, Jessica None
K-Elem Basic Kidd, Robin None
K-Elem Basic Surak, Cassie
  • Coppedge Eyecare
K-Elem Basic Ullven, Kacie None
Kelly Charboneau Charboneau, Kelly
  • Michele Waring
Lang Arts 6-8 Booth, Arlene None
Lang Arts 6-8 Guerrier, Ronica None
Lang Arts 6-8 Kloiber, Michele None
Lang Arts 6-8 Soponyai, Dennis None
Linda Frank Frank, Linda None
Math 6-8 Beckwith, Cathy None
Math 6-8 Davis, Janice None
Math 6-8 Langley, T.D. None
Math 6-8 Plummer, Michele None
Media Spec K-8 Warrell, Debbye None
Music K-5 Elem Gomez, Richard None
Pe 6-8 Foley, Roe None
Pe K-5 Barrett, David None
Pe K-5 Reckner, Elizabeth None
Pe K-5 Toler, William None
Pe K-8 Goodworth, Elizabeth None
PE Mid Sch Butler, TJ None
Racquel Skyers Skyers, Racquel None
Science 6-8 Andress, Jennifer None
Science 6-8 Doulk, Colleen None
Science 6-8 Shaw, Gregory None
Shaunna Knierim Knierim, Shaunna None
Soc Studies 6-8 Kean, Jennifer None
Soc Studies 6-8 King, Christopher None
Soc Studies 6-8 Sykes, David None
Soc Studies 6-8 Zipperer, Andrew None
Social Studies Kean, Jason None
STEM Edwards, Amanda None
STEM Lab Ehlenbeck, Leonette None
Voc Graphics 6-8 Bristol, Anne
  • Bryon Holz & Associates
  • kimberly buckner


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Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to our 2017-2018 Hernando County's Teacher of the Year, Traci Athanason, from Spring Hill Elementary School! Congratulations to our 2017-2018 Hernando County's Teacher of the Year, Traci Athanason, from Spring Hill Elementary School!