JD Floyd K-8
3139 Dumont Ave
Spring Hill, FL 34609
Jamie Young

Floyd K8

Class Teacher Adopters  
- Baron, Timothy None
- Ginn, Margaret None
- Kasten, Pamela None
- Rosado, Elizabeth None
1 Elem Basic Kolman, Kelly None
1 Elem Basic Meyvis, Karen None
1-Elem Basic Anderson, Kara None
1-Elem Basic Jaeger, Suzanne None
1-Elem Basic McGrath, Suzane None
1-Elem Basic Rodriguez, Evelyn None
1-Elem Basic Stoessel, Amy None
2-Elem Basic Agard, Ivone None
2-Elem Basic Cotto, Arlene None
2-Elem Basic Frank, Mary None
2-Elem Basic Fulton, Caroline None
2-Elem Basic Stevens, Sherri None
2-Elem Basic White, Elissa
  • Bleser Family
3-Elem Basic Brown, Mardi None
3-Elem Basic Bugner, Kimberly None
3-Elem Basic Grover, Lisa None
3-Elem Basic Nelson Hill, Schandell None
3-Elem Basic Pittman, Patricia
  • Ezequiel
3-Elem Basic Walden, Danielle None
3-Elem Basic White, Lori None
3rd-Elem Basic Yarin, Joanne None
4-Elem Basic Audette, Louis None
4-Elem Basic Donohue, Stacey None
4-Elem Basic Rode, Wendi None
4-Elem Basic Touati, Jessica None
5 Elem Basic Gainer, April None
5 Elem Basic O'Dell, Jennifer None
5 Elem Basic St. Germain, Elissa None
5 Elem Basic Vossler, Doreen None
5-Elem Basic Trennepohl, Carissa None
Art K-5 Rigaud, Denise None
Assessment Mouchet, Edward None
Cert. School Couns. K-5 Jackson, Rebecca None
Cert. School Couns. K-5 Swartout, Tammy None
Env. Science 6-8 Weaver, Mark None
Envir. Science 7 Barrett, Charles None
ESE Inclusion Alaimo, John None
ESE Inclusion Brennan, Eileen None
ESE Inclusion Carsillo, Keith None
ESE Inclusion Durr, Gigi None
ESE Inclusion Johnson, Stacey None
ESE Inclusion Tipton, Michele None
ese pre k Shenefield, Amanda None
Guidance Jackson, Sidney None
Guidance Roth, Susan None
Int. Reading Evans, Tonya None
JD Floyd K8 JD Floyd, K8
  • The Bleser family
K-5 Assessment Oppedal, Janet None
K-Elem Basic Barrett, Amy None
K-Elem Basic Bartow, Laura None
K-Elem Basic Lynch, Christine None
k-Elem Basic Romanowski, Sherri None
K-Elem Basic Stimmel, Linette None
K-Elem Basic Truman, Allyson None
k-Elem Basic White, Margaret None
Math 6-8 Kraut, Amy None
Media Spec K-5 Cohen, Sara None
Pe 7-8 Johnson, Linda None
Pe K-5 Creek, Tamara None
Pk pre k Marston, Georgette None
Science Resource K-5 Kirchman, Patrick None
Transitional 5-k reading Lobianco, Joan None


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Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to our 2017-2018 Hernando County's Teacher of the Year, Traci Athanason, from Spring Hill Elementary School! Congratulations to our 2017-2018 Hernando County's Teacher of the Year, Traci Athanason, from Spring Hill Elementary School!