21st CCLC presents STEAM

2018-19 After School STEAM Program

STEAM Summer Camp 2018

A group of students are working on their robotics while another group
in the back takes on the Deluxe Snap Rover!
                                  One student takes on the Deluxe Snap
                                      Rover on his own and it looks like 
                                            it is coming along great!
                                  This student prepares to launch their 
                                              rocket with a pump! 
              This boy duo are finishing up the last few steps to prepare for take off!
The Crayola World Design Team
working together on some awesome, 
colorful designs.
The STEAM program puts on a play for their parent night. Can you guess 
what it is? Here's a hint: It stars a big, green ogre and his talking donkey
best friend! 
                                     Some STEAM participants jumping
                                         around and enjoying their 
                                              outside fitness time! 
These STEAM participants finishing up their fun at Crayola World with a picture!
Three girls pose for a picture with their Crayola World gift bags!

STEAM 2018-2019 AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM - After you have completed the 5 page application you may turn it in at your school or email it to feacher_n@hcsb.k12.fl.us

STEAM Afterschool Program

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math) AfterSchool (SAS) is a FREE after school program that provides academic and personal enrichment services to Hernando County’s students and families.  Participating youth and families will receive academic and personal enrichment education by STEAM’s trained specialist as well as business partners in our community. Services will include but are not limited to after school tutoring, mentoring, health & nutrition, fitness education, career & technical education and performing arts education.
Participating students will be provided an afterschool snack and in some schools students will be provided with a dinner option.
The 21st Century STEAM Afterschool Program is an afterschool family-focused program, emphasizing academics and values through quality programs that nurture and strengthen youth, families and the community.
We have employment opportunities available.  If interested please complete the Employment Application and submit to:
Hernando County Education Foundation
900 Emerson Rd.
Brooksville, FL 34601
or email your applicaton to:  feacher_n@hcsb.k12.fl.us
For more information, questions or concerns you can email Natisha Feacher at feacher_n@hcsb.k12.fl.us or you can contact the HCEF office at 352-544-6418.  Please allow 24 hours for Program Director to respond to your calls.

STEAM Employment Application