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2018-2019 Store Hours

The new Tools 4 Schools dates for the 2018-19 school year is available now!

Tools 4 Schools Store Schedule



"An enormous THANK YOU to all involved in making this idea a reality! I got so many much needed supplies and appreciate the time it took to organize so many items! Anything that helps lessen the sting of reaching into our own pocketbooks gets an A+ !!!!!!".....Tandra

"What a generous and helpful place the Tools 4 Schools store is! I'm very grateful for all of the kind people who took their time and effort to make this store possible. The cozy store was well organized and well stocked. Thank you for all of the useful school-essential items I recieved!" ......Nelsida
"Thanks to EVERYONE who made the teacher store possible. I really enjoyed the ribbon cutting ceremony today and I look forward to utilizing the store.".......Sarah